December 28, 2009

Simple Rainbow Dots Nail Design

Hey Girls,

I have a nail tutorial for you girls today, although a video would be much more helpful, I am just gonna type it out in easy steps. Next time I'll do a step by step picture type of thing. Anyways, it is a kinda of polka dot-ish design, VERY SIMPLE. I am by no means an expert so easy designs are my best friend, and if they look good, why not right? So take a look at the finished product and we will get started :D

Step 1:

Choose a base coat and apply only one coat. I used Elizabeth Grant. This polish acts as a top and base coat. Let it dry so that it is smooth to the touch.

Step 2:

Apply a white polish. Making sure that there are no streaks. Why for it to dry so that it is smooth to the touch. I used Borghese in the color "White Tip"

Step 3:

Take a dotter tool, or a touch pick. I personally use a knitting needle. Take ANY colors of your choice (More preferably the colors of the rainbow: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple) and put small little dots. What you should do is get a scrap piece of paper and put some of the polish on it. Not much is needed, and dot away :)

Step 4:

Wait for it to dry and then put on a top coat to help prolong it.
wait for that to dry and you are done. You have beautiful rainbow dot nails

Ok girls, I hope this tutorial was simple and easy to follow, comments are welcome. Tell me how to improve and if you liked this look. Lol, or thought it was a piece of @#@# ;)

Happy Holidays,

-Samiya Sweets

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