December 28, 2009

Simple Pink and White Nail Design

Hey Girls,

So I know that I promised that I would do a tutorial that is step by step pictures, but you know, I'll try harder next time :P Anyways, this is a real simple yet elegant nail design that is can be changed to your liking. Any color of your choice and white, and if you like you can choose two different colors. Perhaps, purple and yellow because they are complimentary color (AHAH, art is useful!). Anyways I chose white and pink and here is the finished result, so lets get started!

Step 1:

Apply a base coat, I used Elizabeth Grant, which acts as a base and top coat. Let is dry so that it is dry to the touch. This will take at least 1 min 30s

Step 2:

Take your brighter color, in my case it is "San Marco Raspberry C" by Elizabeth Arden, a pretty pink color. Apply it to your WHOLE NAIL if you are more advanced, you can just apply it to the bottom half of your nail :). Let that dry until it is dry to the touch. Since this is over a base, it is gonna take longer. So give it at least 2-3 mins to dry.

Step 3:

Take you other color choice and apply this to the top part of your nail, paint it half way through your nail. If you want a very straight edge, I suggest you use tape. However, I think that free hand might be better because the polish could bleed through the tape, and that would create one hot mess! The color I used is "Bianco White Tip" by Borghese. Give this around 2-4 mins to dry.

Step 4:

Take a dotter tool or a toothpick, I use a knitting needle to create the dots. If you are creating dots on the bottom half of your nail, use the OPPOSITE color and create three dots going in a straight line going upwards. No need to let it dry this time, go to next step.

Step 5:

Do the same on the other half of the nail being careful to not touch the other dots.
Let this dry! 2-3 Mins

Step 6:

LAST STEP! WOOT :) Put a top coat to protect it :) And you are done:) I like smiley faces, can you tell lol :)

K, Girls you made it through 6 steps! I know, I know, but you got to admit that was simple as heck! I hope you enjoy this design and tell your friends. Remember, your tips are welcome :)

Happy Holidays,

-Samiya Sweets

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